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cheap replica handbags The NT Attorney General’s office is under fire for allowing mentally ill or disabled people to languish inside already overcrowded prisons for years, simply because there are no other replica bags review places to put them.The Territory Government’s handling of indefinite detention for people with a cognitive, psychiatric or physical impairment often leaves individuals locked up for years with no conviction.Mr Walker, 36, is one of at least 13 people currently in the custody replica bags canada of the NT replica bags vuitton Correctional Services Commissioner after being found unfit to stand trial or found not guilty by reason of mental impairment.Mr Walker’s mother Linda Dridi said she was afraid she would never see her son again.”I don’t want my son to be another statistic where a person dies in custody,” she said.”As a mother, I have terrible nightmares.”Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory president Marty Aust said people who were on 7a replica bags custodial supervision orders were almost always housed in the prison because there was nowhere else suitable for them.”They are not guilty of committing offences, they are vulnerable, they are sick,” he said.”Apart from the fact that these are people living and breathing who are unwell and shouldn’t be housed in a prison, the cost of keeping them there is astronomical.”The way that we judge a society is how we look after those most vulnerable and in the Northern Territory we should get a big, fat, red F.”Clients plead guilty to avoid indefinite detentionMr Aust said that there was data to suggest people replica bags in dubai who were released from prison on non custodial supervision orders had a low rate of reoffending.”What we seem to find is once people are in the community, their engagement and their life is better they are able to live a life, reengage and ultimately many of them come off orders all together. They are no longer best replica ysl bags a risk to anybody,” he said.”But it’s not unusual for someone who eventually ends up on a non custodial order, who was not guilty because they weren’t criminally liable for their offence, to spend anywhere between 12 months to three, four replica bags sydney or five years in jail before transitioning. Why? Because there is nowhere for them to go.”This has been recognised by judgements in the Supreme Court by numerous judges, by numerous chief justices, present and former.”I have lobbied with the Attorney General, who is also responsible for the Department of Health, which is seemingly a very good dual portfolio because it makes sense, to do something about this.”Mr Aust said it was not uncommon for clients, who may be able to claim a defence of mental impairment, to instead plead guilty to avoid additional years spent in indefinite detention in the Territory.”We don’t need better facilities in the prison, we need better facilities outside the prison so that no person is simply in prison for being sick or mentally unwell or physically or mentally disabled,” replica bags in london he said.Hospitalised following hunger strikeMr Walker, who is from Western Australia, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 18 years of age.He had graduated replica bags online pakistan school and was beginning to replica bags hong kong embark on a sporting career before illness and injury stopped him in his tracks.After moving from WA to Darwin to find work, Mr Walker began living in abandoned homes and was indicted for two offences, including arson for attempting to set a house on fire while someone was inside and stealing a wallet and mobile phone.. cheap replica handbags

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