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Canada Goose Coats On cheap Canada Goose Sale We can be sure Flowey exists in this universe. But obviously, they escaped the barrier, right? So Asgore somehow made it out by using the human souls. Afterward he didn have much use for them so he just put them in pots. Idk, a little sketch obviously but I can see why that specific variation of flowers in those specific colors could just be. A reference. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Try re arranging your schedule. Some people are just night owls, I am too. Though I wish I wasn makes everything more difficult, but try to change your classes to a little later in the day so you can get your sleep in. (Assuming you in college and have control over that.) Or (I don recommend this, but do what you gotta) drink 24 hour energy drinks. Now it can be good to have no sleep, or even less sleep, so you might have to cut out some unimportant things in your life so you Canada Goose Jackets can canada goose sleep. Of course if none of what I said helps, you could always just take some melatonin at night and ask for a change of hours.

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uk canada goose outlet I recently just saw some updates still being made to the horror game Visage. I think they made more than expected on their kickstarter and they are supposedly releasing this year. Also check out Allison Road not sure the status on that one though. uk canada goose outlet

I agree with you though, there such an over saturation of knock offs but every now and then I come across an indie game that brings something new. I just wish they were easier to find because I have to weed through a lot of bullshit first. 8 points submitted 6 months ago

You right, Trunks didn go to HIS past but went back to the past of another timeline, the one he visited when Gohan was a kid that went SS2 and defeated Cell. So Trunks unknowingly made mutliple timelines but I guess Bulma time machine was so advanced that it still had the coordination of traveling to past of another timeline independent from his own.

Canada Goose Jackets Trunks should have known that because he went back to the past before but it Canada Goose Parka didn change anything in “his” timeline but Beerus and Whis thought getting rid of Zamasu would have solved the problem, but it didn because it they learned that Canada Goose Outlet time wasn linear and action taken in the present timeline won affect the future of another timeline. It just split and created another timeline. Canada Goose Jackets

The Cell saga was a big mess and created a whole bunch of timelines, one of which has another future Trunks, the one that cuts mechanical Frieza in half, that has never met the main timeline characters.

canada goose uk outlet Future Trunk timeline was fated to be doomed anyway but him going back in time to Canada Goose online save Goku has buy canada goose jacket cheap saved canada goose coats the main timeline so Future Trunks canada goose coats on sale basically saved everyone in the main timeline. canada goose uk outlet

In short, Future Trunks going back in time didn save his universe but he once again saved the entire multi verse of the main timeline so basically Future Trunks is the ultimate savior because he saved Goku and earth his first visit to the past and saved the entire multi verse in his second visit.

canada goose factory sale So ironically Goku Black/Zamasu plan succeeded because everything got erased, including all mortals, gods but themselves. I guess it another case of be careful of what you wish for? canada goose factory sale

Two interesting unrelated things that resulted from FT time travel.

Canada Goose Online There technically two cells in the present timeline. Canada Goose Online

Universe 2 was the first universe to create an canada goose store alternative timeline that also resulted from the use of a time machine. Not sure if it was destroyed or confiscated Source

Having multi verse is complicate enough adding not just time traveling but also split timelines just made everything way too complicated. Good thing Toriyama invented Zeno canada goose black friday sale so he can erase things buy canada goose jacket if it things get too much of nuisance.

canada goose coats tl;dr: Future Trunks went back to the past of a split timeline, canada goose deals the main timeline, and since the timelines are split, none of the action taken in the main timeline had any affect on Future Trunk timeline. canada goose coats

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canada goose Nah, we only ever followed the timeline in which Trunks arrives from the future. The original timeline where Goku died is not “our” timeline. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale The gods didn destroy timelines, if you remember, canada goose clearance sale the Universe 10 Supreme Kai has a bunch of rings that materialized themselves whenever a new timeline got created. canada goose clearance sale

In the future timeline, when Zamasu starts infecting the universe, Goku pushes the magic button which calls Zeno for help. Zeno sees the damage Zamasu made to the fabric of reality so he decides to simply erase cheap canada goose jackets that whole universe. Though I imagine that the other “future” universes canada goose clearance (6, 10, etc.) are still intact. Meaning canadian goose jacket that he only destroyed Universe 7 in the future timelibe, not all of them.

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canadian goose jacket But just because the show follows a different timeline, doesn make it the “original” timeline. The original timeline is still the one that was never messed with it how things were always supposed to happen, Goku was supposed to die. FT timeline is the original. canadian goose jacket

And I know about Universe 10 Kai knowing about it, but the thing is, that kai obviously kept it to himself. (Never showed them to an angel or destroyer god, or just any one in a higher position.)

canada goose store As he stated clearly in the anime He doesn show any worlds to a destroyer to destroy, nor does he judge those worlds himself. Basically, he watches over worlds, but doesn inform the destroyer about any in particular that would need to be destroyed. The destroyer finds worlds that he doesn like and blows them up, so most likely the destroyer of that universe doesn KNOW about alternate timelines. Which is why they never would have destroyed it. (and trust ME! If he knew, he would done something. A destroyer god knows better than anyone the destructive power of an angry Zeno. And as we all seen, Zeno don like no time travel.) canada goose store.

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