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moncler jackets mens On the other hand the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Ajay Bisht recently withdrew a criminal case against himself.If you remember, Judge Loya was in the midst of hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh alleged encounter killing case in which Amit Shah was an accused, when he died three years ago.The judge before Justice Loya was transferred, in contravention of the Supreme Court’s direction that one judge should hear the case from start to finish.The judge after Justice Loya somehow managed to read thousands of pages in a couple of days, and promptly acquitted Mr Shah.Reports in Caravan magazine raised doubts about the naturalness of Judge Loya’s death.This is obviously a bombshell of a story not only because it suggests interference in a judicial process, moncler outlet store but also because it suggests that judges are vulnerable to intimidation and foulplay; and that the live ones would be forgiven for taking the dead ones as a hint.Anyone who has read the 22 stories published by Caravan in its Pulitzer Prize worthy investigation would have to twist their brains into a pretzel and lick the backs of their heads with their tongues while spinning in a barrel, to be able to cast aside all suspicion of foul play.Based on the material available with the publication not all of which, for various reasons, was called in as evidence it seems not just reasonable, but absolutely imperative, to moncler outlet uk set doubt to rest with a thorough, impartial, probe. That is how untrained eyes might see it.The bench (including the CJI) hearing the Loya case, to the contrary, found no reason to doubt next that the man died naturally of a heart attack.I am not trained in the law, but what I gather from the judgment is that a large part of its reasoning is that a. Judges do not lie and b. cheap moncler jackets sale moncler jackets mens

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