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canada goose outlet store The delayed vote was on a compromise bill between GOP moderates and conservatives that would offer Dreamers a pathway to citizenship and provide $25 billion for Trump border wall, among other things.Elsewhere, Democratic Gov. Ralph canada goose outlet orlando Northam of Virginia ordered an investigation into claims by children at an immigration detention facility that they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells.First lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to a McAllen detention center that is housing some of the children. She told the children to “be kind and nice to each other.”. canada goose outlet store

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canada goose black friday sale Margo Schueler canada goose outlet 2015 has been endorsed by District 1 Councilmember Linda Maio who announced in early March that she would not be running for re election, former state senator Loni Hancock, D Berkeley, and Berkeley Unified School District board member Beatriz Leyva Cutler. On top of this, she plans to seek the endorsements of District 1 residents, since they are who she will be representing if elected. She is running on platforms focused on improving Berkeley’s infrastructure, notably planning to look at how environmentally conscious infrastructure can aid in canada goose outlet uk addressing Berkeley’s housing and homelessness crises.. canada goose black friday sale

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