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The EPA researchers specifically invalidated Bayers’ “study,” but their higher ups still decided it was no biggie and let the company continue pumping their bee killing venom. Now, if this were something trivial that most people didn’t care about, like the robustness of celery crops or whether or not a chemical was in their bloodstream, then Bayer probably could have gotten away with this for decades without anyone noticing. However, they didn’t count on one thing: people really love bees.

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JScrambler has been around for almost five years, having so far protected around 150 million lines of JavaScript for users in more than 100 countries. They’ve just got Series A funding in the beginning of this year and is now expanding its operations to the US. In 2013 it won the Eurocloud Best Cloud Startup Award, in Portugal..

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Having a fear of enclosed spaces makes flying feel like torture, but if you have no choice but to fly you need to prepare for the stress. Claustrophobia doesn’t have a cure, but a combination of medical treatment and careful trip planning can make boarding a plane less upsetting. You may never love flying, but you don’t have to dread it..

Improving women’s health is critical for humanitarian, economic, and national security reasons. The spread of infectious diseases including AIDS and TB and epidemics like obesity and tobacco consumption do not stop at national borders. Yet while health concerns cross borders, so do solutions.

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cheap jordans in china It’s honestly the thing that made us think it was a good idea in the first place. We were kind of kicking around what the plot of the movie could be on a non emotional level, and we were debating whether or not a sorority moving in would be a good or interesting idea. And then someone who worked in our office Michelle, one of our interns at the time was like, “Sororities aren’t actually allowed to throw parties, so it actually wouldn’t be a nightmare to have a sorority move in next door.” cheap jordans in china.

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