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high quality hermes replica Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersRevealing how he turned from a promising schoolboy to an aggressive, paranoid teen manipulated and exploited by thugs, she spoke of how she ended up “grieving” for the son he once was.Her powerful words came as she spoke at the launch of a major drive to warn parents of the dangers of gangs exploiting children to boost criminal profits.The campaign will see efforts to highlight how any child, from any family, could become a target for criminals operating a County Lines model.The term refers to a template increasingly adopted by criminal networks across the UK, with teens groomed by thugs who then manipulate them into working for them.On Merseyside, an area seen as a hub for cross country drugs gangs, that often means sending vulnerable children to rural and coastal communities to live in the homes of addicts and peddle drugs on the surrounding streets.Trapped in a Replica Hermes Birkin cycle of debt bondage, fear and intimidation, by the time victims realise they are, in fact, victims, many feel they have nowhere to turn.(Image: Liverpool Echo)Speaking today the mum of one victim, a promising schoolboy who had grown up in a loving home, told how parents are on the frontline of the battle to save their children and that they have a duty to do what they can to win that fight.Her son went from a bright schoolboy to an aggressive, secretive teen who cared increasingly about designer clothes, was obsessive about postcodes and started to go missing.He would demand warnings before she planned to enter the room so he could hide new found possessions and was overtaken by an “alien” personality.Fear, terror and false promises: How ruthless gangs are exploiting children on MerseysideAfter his first disappearance police told her he was involved with gang known to officers.She said: “It’s a really weird feeling because the person you have raised is no longer there.”You are Replica Hermes almost grieving for your son, the one that you raised, because the person that’s in front of you is unrecognisable physically but doesn’t even have More about the author the same values as you.”You have just let a stranger into your house when he turns up again and trying to get your head around that is extremely difficult.”When you have worked hard to bring your kids up a certain way and then Hermes Replica Belt it goes wrong in that spectacular fashion they are not just the middle of the road kind of human being now, from being in a really good place to middle of the road, they have gone to the other extreme. You high quality hermes replica have got nothing in common with them at all.”It’s very difficult to live with on Replica Hermes uk a day to day level. It’s very upsetting when your child is doing that to you [being threatening] because you are nothing to them and that’s how they interact with you but the high quality hermes birkin replica overriding thing really, for me, to keep going was the belief that underneath all of that my son was there and that somebody has done this to him, he hasn’t gone out to become that person.Chilling tactics used by Merseyside’s drug gangs to spread influence to Wales and Cumbria”If you can just keep that in the back of your head, it kept me sane, because it’s very difficult to carry on with someone who is that alien to you and is wrecking your life because that’s what they are doing by bringing that into your house every day and there’s no prospect Hermes Belt Replica of it stopping. high quality hermes replica

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