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KnockOff Handbags Released Cambridge United youngster helping bring on the next generation of U’s talentMutswunguma still hasn’t given up on his pro dream eitherThe young striker was part of the U’s development side which reached the Cambs Invitation Cup Final last season, but was not kept on by the League Two club.He was soon snapped up by Southern Premier side St Neots Town, along with former U’s team mate Stevan Shaw, and quickly sent out on loan to Eastern Counties Premier outfit Haverhill Rovers.Being released came as a shock for a player who had been with the U’s for more than a decade, but he has quickly got his act together on and off the pitch.As well as impressing for Haverhill, he is setting up his own coaching business, which he is supplementing by doing some academy coaching back at The Abbey.”It’s difficult to get your head around, especially having been in the Cambridge United bubble for such a long time,” he said.”To come out of it, you’re like a fish out of water, but it’s about your mindset and mentality. If you’re strong minded and want to, you’ll find a club and will be successful, and I feel I am.St Neots boss Matt Clements on signing two former Cambridge United academy players and securing Finley Iron on loan”You have to go out, find a job and adjust to a new lifestyle. I’m working as a coach back at Cambridge with the U8s and starting my own coaching business, just trying to find my feet.”I feel I have good qualities as a coach, so it was a no brainer KnockOff Handbags.

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