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Those shows were cancelled because they weren’t performing well, they were actively losing us subscribers, and because they’re unsustainable with the Canada Goose sale small team we have now. We can’t keep creating niche content for the 2% of our hardcore audience who actually watches it every week, as much as we would like to. Those decisions were unanimous, and extend beyond even me.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale But by all means, please keep assuming that I’m somehow holding a gun to my canada goose black friday sale employees’ heads Canada Goose online and forcing them to only make serious content. Never mind that every single show versusgorilla listed, with the exception of Monster Factory, was created under my tenure and executive produced by me. Never mind that I personally pitched and created series like Brand Slam and Jackbox and poured my heart and soul into them, despite that involvement being invisible to our audience. That is the job of an executive producer. Just because I’m not seen does not mean I’m not intimately involved in every single video and series that goes up on our channel. Our hosts don’t work in a bubble. But if it makes you feel better to assume that I’m standing behind them, pulling a bunch of strings and cackling maniacally, by all means. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose online It’s ironic, really. The reason I quit hosting, in addition to never feeling like I was good at it, was because I got really tired of the negative feedback and conspiracy theories that come with such a public facing position. I sorry that some folks here have made comments like the ones here. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale For what it worth, the existence of this thread speaks to the quality and loveability of the content you producing. Speaking just for myself, I canada goose clearance sale watched every weird oddball series that came out actively looked forward to it. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet I get that maybe those series weren bringing in views, but cheap Canada Goose I would have appreciated knowing not to expect more of that. I get that some of that is inside baseball, canadian goose jacket but I don think you canada goose deals can be too surprised that, when a big change is made behind the scenes, your viewers are left to speculate. That not an excuse for personal attacks, but I do think Polygon could be more forthcoming. (For instance, when Video Games Theater ended, there was a clear announcement. That was great.) Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale While I really bummed to hear that we might not see a return of goofy silly stuff, I want canada goose store you to know that your channel brought my husband and me a lot of joy in the last couple years. Given what the last couple years have been like, that really saying something. Thanks for everything. 2 points submitted 29 days ago canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk shop It sounds like you take this shit pretty damn seriously lol. But on a gameplay note, thirsting is not actually the smartest play (unless you need ammo or mats). I usually ding them for 60 damage and let them live so I buy canada goose jacket cheap know their teammates have to push me fast. If you thirst they can take their time to find heals/loot and play as they wish. Also, thirsting has anegative connotation because the worst players are more likely to insta thirst even when being shot at to make sure they get that coveted kill. canada goose uk shop

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Maybe I shouldn have said there are “no reasons not to.” I totally get that there are reasons not to kill downed players in certain situations the most obvious is that you being shot at, which I agree is stupid. Using them as bait to lure in the rest of their team, also legit if that works for you. But if I standing there looking at a downed player and I am not in any obvious danger of being shot, I going to finish the job. I mostly play 50v50 so that happens all the time. Maybe it not as common in canada goose outlet regular mode unless you down one of those squad fill dumbasses that doesn land with the team.

So yeah, what I meant was “if you have the opportunity, there is not reason to not kill a downed player.”

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Canada Goose Parka CSR was canada goose a no brainer when it had the 100,000 point bonus. Not sure what the bonus canada goose coats is right now (probably 50,000), but it probably still a great card to keep for at least a year before deciding to keep it or product change it to a fee free card. I kept mine for a second year and will probably keep it into a third year before considering the product change. $450 is a steep fee, but in reality, the fee is $150 if you travel at least once a year with the $300 travel reimbursement (if you don why are you considering this card?). And definitely don scoff at the TSA Pre reimbursement. Canada Goose Parka

I wasn sure how useful that would be, but damn I love walking Canada Goose Parka through my short TSA Pre line as opposed to the stupid long regular TSA line. No removing shoes or jackets, no taking your liquids and laptops out of your bag. I fly like 5 or so times canada goose coats on sale a year, which means I go through TSA lines 10+ times since they all round trips. Plus if I going on vacation with my wife and I buy the plane tickets, her ticket is also marked TSA Pre so we both get the benefit.

uk buy canada goose jacket canada goose CSR has a few other great benefits, but I rarely use them. I got the Priority Pass Lounge card that comes with the card, but I never been to an airport that has a Priority Pass lounge except ATL, and the ATL PP lounge is in the international terminal, which is totally out of the way of every flight I connected with there. uk canada goose

There are other great travel cards, but CSR is def one of the top (if not the top) travel card for general use, especially if you can get better than the standard sign up. I recommend Canada Goose Outlet checking the churning or awardtravel subreddits if you like something more specific Canada Goose Jackets or have different travel priorities.

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buy canada goose jacket Let be real everyone on TWiT is a snarky bitch. You can call yourself a futurist all you want, but that doesn make you a fortune teller. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale Also, in this episode she tells Leo that Magic Leap is not AR, and a few minutes later, Leo asks her why they aren AR because everything she is saying sounds like AR. She goes on to describe how they work, which is exactly what AR is, as an argument against them being AR? IDK, it was an incredibly confusing situation, and I could absolutely feel in the conversation that both Leo and Mike felt exactly like I felt (yes, Magic Leap is AR) but they remained quiet about it. Just another one of those things where she was splitting hairs in order to sound correct about something. Canada Goose sale

All of that said, I don dislike her. I think most hosts have odd quirks, and hers are much better than Andy Ihnatko Iain Thompson Briana Wu and a few other people. Overall I thought this episode was fine.

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canada goose coats I go to a lot of anime conventions and it is always like this when a bunch of people are gathered together. Most people are fine, but there that small percentage of people that just do not understand (or perhaps care) about hygiene. I expect it to be worse at an anime con because even if you shower, depending on your costume, you might start sweating, but I fairly certain that most of the funk is from people that think they too good for deodorant canada goose coats.

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