No, it means that you passed the responsibility to set how it spent to the state. The state might, quite reasonably, take a less prescriptive view on the basis that telling people “Oh, you can buy x in case you get some joy from it, and you taking a handout so the state can tell you exactly what to do” is the sort of thing that Stalin might have come up with if he subscribed to a Puritan newsletter.Noting that “Well, they could simply not claim if they don like it” isn an actual choice, what would you have them do? Bread, water and hard tack and electricity off at 2200hrs?If you must get angry about your tax dollars going to welfare, get angry at Walmart and other companies who refuse to pay a living wage. I pushed through, worked my way up the ladder, and now live comfortably.I just think if you are buying sweets, etc.

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